The Clara White Mission has a proven track record for sustaining its programs. The Mission researched the viability of a an urban farm, and found it to have the potential of becoming revenue generating. The revenue generated from the White Harvest Farm will assist our efforts in ensuring the sustainability of the Mission for generations to come. While this is a good start, it will take the support from our community members to continue our outreach.

Our sustainable efforts at “White Harvest Farm,” will not only provide fresh produce in the community, but job training/creation to homeless veterans and low income residents.  White Harvest Farm is located in a neighborhood that has been deemed a “food desert” by the USDA, where fresh, healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain. White Harvest Farm is designed to become a hub for fresh food options, while addressing the critical health disparities of families living in this food dessert community. Our innovative, grassroots approach will promote healthier lifestyles to encourage better nutritional choices through access to fresh fruits and vegetables grown at White Harvest Farm. The goal is to farm 150 acres of land in the next three years to improve and sustain both the physical and economic health of the community.